And it isn't the hokey pokey. Polaron Media povides functional, cutting edge websites to suit all your needs, incorporating current technologies to create a pleasant, smooth and positive experience.

Websites are divided into three main components: Image, Structure & Functionality.

Image is "Almost" Everything

When your clients first see your website the aesthetics are commonly a factor in deciding if they will use it to its full potential. If your website looks dated, too basic or strangely coloured, often those viewing it will close it as it is awkward and not pleasing to view. This is a first impression on behalf of your company. Think of a website like a house and your web designer as the interior decorator.

Structure To Ensure Longevity

A website is only as good as the code structure it's written in. So what does this mean for you? It means you need not be concerned about it. Why? As your web developer, Polaron Media is proficient in current codes, practices and data sourcing and is constantly looking for new concepts and ideas on the web to make your website that much better. Data sourcing comes with the product.

Functionality To Make It Useful

Functionality - image and structure - is essential to a website. Function is similar to image... It can be almost anything as long as it's within reason. It can be used to raise awareness, attract customers, create controversy, or just for entertainment. Contact forms, slide galleries, social media links on navigation bars are all part of the primary function of a website. When all these elements work together, the website's purpose is achieved.